Fifty percent of proceeds from all
pre-order sales of The Happy Broadcast
will be donated to the nonprofit Choose Love and earmarked for the LGBTQ+ shelter that it funds at the US-Mexico border. We want to raise $5000 to support all operations at the shelter for one month!
Where is the money going?
To completely fund one month of operations for Casa Arcoiris, a shelter in Tijuana, which offers food, board and case worker support for LGBTQ+ refugees arriving at the US-Mexico border. LGBTQ+ migrants are especially vulnerable, with access to even fewer services or shelters where they can feel safe. Now more than ever they need our help.
About Choose Love
Choose Love provides critical supplies, support and services for displaced people all around the world. It was started by a handful of friends—regular people with normal lives who wanted to help families arriving on European shores. Today it has reached over one million displaced people, worked with over 35,000 volunteers, and supports over 120 projects across Europe, the Middle East and the US-Mexico border (like Casa Arcoiris).